Thursday, May 25, 2017

ELE conversation at Open Source

Still, Inquiry into the ELE, 2016

June 11 2017
cHURCH of Monika 
 Open Source Gallery
306 17th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215
Ph. 646-279-3969

Join me for a casual conversation and discussion focusing on ELEs (end-of-life experiences).  ELEs are unusual experiences that typically occur around the time of a death and are experienced by a person who is dying or who has lost a loved one. These experiences can be interpreted as premonitions, deathbed visions, golden light, changes in the temperature or atmosphere, terminal lucidity, or eerie coincidences. 

For cHURCH I encourage visitors to share stories and participate, speculating the boundaries between the physical world, the emotional world, and what may exist beyond.  Prompts are optional and are available for attendees on the Open Source web site or here.

The discussion will include audio excerpts I have collected for my ELE archive and work-in-progress project, Inquiry into the ELE

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mother Circle at Dixon Place

Mother Circle is a short choral piece ignited by my ongoing work with a community of women continuing the tradition on bedside singing, a lost rite of passage once performed at the thresholds of life.

Joining me in singing a selection of three choral compositions (written by Threshold Choir members) are:

Katie Cancila
Georgia Elrod
Emily Gilbert
Mckendree Key
Nora Zimbler

My intention for Mother Circle is not to perform for the audience, but to create a comfortable holding space within the circle for the singers that the audience bears witness to. 

This short performance will commence Michelle Levy’s new work: Ruins of Achelach

October 15, 2016 
Dixon Place
161 A Christie Street, NYC

Tickets can be purchased in advance here