Friday, January 10, 2020

The 5'x 10' bar at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn this March

Study for The Portal, 2019

A special experience is happening in Brooklyn this March. I'll be designing and hosting the 5' x 10' bar at Green-Wood Cemetery on March 28th. Tickets are on sale so please book ASAP if you would like to come - there are a limited quantity of tickets available.
More details to come over the next few weeks!

This season brings us 3 unique works by:

McKendree Key
Kim Charles Kay
Leigh Davis

The 5 x 10 is a project by the artist McKendree Key.  The 5' x 10' is a roving bar in New York City which features conversation, drinks and atmosphere curated by the bartenders, all artists, who change on a rotating basis.  The bar fits a limited number of guests only. 

This year, for 3 nights only, the 5' x 10' will take place at Green-Wood Cemetery. Each of the 3 nights are uniquely themed, curated and led by a different artist, and the conversations will center around aspects of Death.

Cocktails are tailored to each nights' theme and are crafted on-site.  Please come ready to delve deeper into face-to face conversation led by the artist.  You may be asked to dress according to the code.  No previous experience with the theme is necessary.
Join us deep in the cemetery for this special, one time only iteration of the 5' x 10'.

For more info:

More about the project:

There were once well over 20,000 speakeasies in NYC, many of them in Brooklyn.  Now, even where alternative spaces do exist, they are in constant fear of being outpriced, deported, or steamrolled.  Precarious are the outposts of artistic expression: artist-run spaces, artist-used spaces and family owned spaces.   The 5 x 10 is a small part of the resistance to this scripted purification of our city.  It’s also a brick and mortar opportunity to delve deeper into the now radical act of face-to-face conversation.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

CONVERSATION AND SCREENING / Smith Center for Healing Arts

Join me on January 29th 2020 for a conversation and screening of 
Inquiry into the ELE followed by a discussion of end-of-life experiences. 

6:30 - 8:00pm
Washington, D.C.